Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What will always say Korea...Kimchi!!!

Due to the heavy nature of our recent postings, I decided to search the Internet for a comprehensive website about Kimchi in preparation for our class meal next week at the Korean restaurant. The website I found is managed by the Korean Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp and even has a kimchi character which has been trademarked in a variety of countries to highlight the true nature of Korean kimchi which greatly differs from Japanese kimuchi. The website also goes into detail about the evolution of kimchi during various historical periods in Korea. The evolution of kimchi and the ingredients used is attributed to the various patterns of trade in East Asia over the years and the pivotal introduction of the red chili to Korea from Japan in the early 17th century. The website also describes the fermentation process as well as the science and tricks of the trade behind delicious, fresh kimchi.

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