Wednesday, April 11, 2007

30-day extension? It's too long!

We talked about during today's class that North Korea had asked for a further 30 days, beyond Saturday, to close its operational reactor, Yongbyon, but Bill Richardson told North Korean officials that it's too long. See this article.

As the US government had removed the final roadblock by agreeing for $25 million in Banco Delta Asia to be released to its depositors, principally the North Korean government, hopefully we can see the North Korea return American "good faith" by shutting down Yongbyon soon.

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Erin Robinson said...

This is a depressingly good place for a stalemate. North Korea can say the US did not do any of the things mentioned during class that would allow the Chinese bank to accept the money without fear of reprisal, and then has apparently thrown its hands up and walked away, leaving the DPRK room to accuse the US of giving up on it.

The US can say it was out of their hands, that it was the Bank of China's fault, or North Korea's fault, or even Macau's fault, but certainly not theirs. With blame effectively spread around, it would seem that the cost of losing it at this point would be fairly low.