Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So I promised pictures of dolphins...and, by the grace of Tan'gun, I keep my promises. (Note: prior to the FTA announcement, it took forever to find news/updates in terms of progress. Tall guy with arm in dolphin's mouth, you ask? According to the Google, it took .21 seconds. Awesome.)

Here's the world's tallest man , Bao Xishun, (7' 9''), with his 42'' arm down a dolphin's throat as he tries to remove pieces of plastic from its stomach. (The dolphins had eaten parts of the extremely poor quality pool they were being kept in at an aquarium in Liaoning province.)

Here's another shot showing him standing next to some other folks for reference.

And here is a shot of Bao with his new wife, who is 5'6'' and half his age (28). No worries, though, she's from his hometown.

PS-The dolphin was quoted as saying, "Click, click, beep, clickety clack, clickety click, tick, beep." My dolphinese is a little rusty, but roughly translated, it comes across as, "Owwww, there's a frickin' 42'' arm down my throat!!"

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