Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Premier Wen Jiabao's visit in South Korea

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Seoul on April 10 (Beijing local time) for a two-day visit. This trip to South Korea is the first visit by a Chinese premier in seven years. See this article for more detail.

It seems the talks are centered on the issues of denuclearization in North Korea and of trade between China and South Korea. But I hope the leaders of the two countries would have some talks on more cultural cooperation. Such as more Korean scholars being allowed to research on the Koguryo tombs.

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Erin Robinson said...

On the issue of cultural cooperation... I'm not sure there's a way for that to happen unless there's something that Korea has that China wants. Assuming that Korea will not give ground on the Koguryo issue, which I don't think they will, then it's up to China to move on it. I can't see China doing that without getting something, some movement on a cultural issue, from Korea in return. I just may not be thinking of it right now, but I can't come up with something that China wants Korea to give on (that's realistic).

Because I still fundamentally think there is a disconnect in how the two sides are framing (and I agree with Prof. Larsen's view that there is an interest assymmetry) and because of this disconnect, it's unlikely that any movement will happen.