Monday, April 23, 2007

Importing Beef

Well, it looks like Korea is keeping up its side of the bargain of the pending FTA by resuming imports of beef. They will hit the domestic market in early May when quarantine procedures have been completed. However, it was interesting to note that one of the beef importers stated that the shipment “will be delivered to our dealers, including wholesalers, as samples, and we plan to import the meat in earnest depending on reactions in the market." So what exactly does that mean? Will or will they not be importing American beef? Because the article then goes on to say that beef importation will begin in earnest the second half of this year.

The article also mentioned how domestic cattle prices dropped sharply with the pending importation of American beef. What remains to be seen is whether this will cause a domino effect in other industries, then bandwagoning, as affected industries group together to put up a fight to prevent the FTA from passing in the Korean government.

Also, wasn't there also another Ecoli scare in the US just a few days ago? I didn't really catch the news on that but I thought I heard something about hamburger meat being recalled over ecoli?? Is it big enough to affect Korea's resumption of importing US beef?

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Sean said...

You know, it always amuses me when I hear France and Korea harping on the health hazards of American beef while working through their third pack of cigarettes . . .