Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to...Vladimir Putin?

Apparently, there are tentative, under-the-radar plans to orchestrate an inter-Korea summit meeting for August of this year. And apparently, Russia wants to host it should it take place in a third country...because President Putin wants to win a Nobel Peace Prize. (I find this more than a bit ironic considering the man's opponents have a history of suddenly dying in bizarre, often spy movie-like ways.)

A former Korean NIS official, now professor, reveals this interesting information in a recent Chosun Ilbo article.

In an effort to not let the more entertaining news of the story overshadow the relevant, Seoul has apparently reached out to Pyongyang through a secret report, in an effort to let tensions between the two be resolved bilaterally, without foreign interference. Seoul appears to find this a more productive alternative, not surprising considering the history of outside influence on the peninsula's development.

The third country element of the story, where Russia comes in, reflects 1) the need for both sides to be on neutral territory, and 2) that Pyongyang has apparently failed in the reciprocity department, as Kim Jong-Il has yet to return the gesture of Kim Dae-jung's 2000 visit. (See today's Asia Times article Korea: the Sun Shines Regardless)

This would certainly be an interesting development should it occur (which I'm highly skeptical it will). It would certainly make Russia more relevant in the grander 6PT scheme. Moscow's motivation doesn't appear to be all that sincere however.

Putin winning a Nobel Peace Prize?!?!?! I mean, come on. What's next? Three-6 Mafia winning an Oscar? ... ... ... ... oh.

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