Friday, April 20, 2007

Wikipedia Entry on Sin Ch'aeho

I have just posted an entry on Sin Ch'aeho in Wikipedia. I still keep adding minor changes, so if you have any suggestions please let me know (or you can revise it directly).

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Eric said...

Sayaka - thank you for posting a link to your wiki project. Your edits look good (if I guessed right and you're using the handle SecurityGirl).

For anyone who doesn't know - you can see the changes on a wiki page by going to the "History" tab and then selecting the latest and earliest pages you want to compare. I.e. to see Sayaka's changes, I selected the version just before first change made by the person "SecurityGirl" on April 20th as my "begin point", and left the "end point" as the current page (which is the default).

When you hit "compare selected versions", the result is a display of all the changes made to the page between the "begin point" and the "end point". By selecting the edition just before SecurityGirl began making her changes, I can see an accumulation of Sayaka's changes.