Friday, April 13, 2007

ROC POWs in the Korean War

The issue of POWs in the Korean War reminded me of the World Freedom Day (January 23) in Taiwan. The KMT politicians have been organizing an event for that day every year to celebrate the return of Taiwanese POWs during the Korean War (I don't remember which year, but either in 1951 or 1952). The responsibility is now taken care of by an organization called "World League for Freedom and Democracy," a KMT-affiliated NGO. This organization was originally established as "The Anti-Communist League" by Chiang Kai-Shek and Syngman Rhee. Its mission and function are controversial (see wikipedia). It changed its name and mission several times as well as experienced internal splits and power struggles under the new DPP regime. Since the time when it was still called the Anti-Communist League, the organization has been having strong connections with many American (mostly Republican) politicians, too. Many of the ROC POWs now live in KMT's veteran retirement homes. I am planning to interview them sometime in the near future.

I have lots of documents about this organization because.... I once worked for them in Taiwan (but believe me, I have a very different ideology from them)!!

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Erin Robinson said...

It's not surprising that both Taiwan and South Korea support these. So much of their history and current situation was tied up in being not-Communist, that it's unsurprising they were heavily involved in supporting anti-Communist regimes world-wide. The name change is particularly inspiring.