Sunday, April 08, 2007

HR 121 Petition

A friend of mine is involved in a campaign to bring HR 121, the proposed resolution involving comfort women during WWII, to a vote in front of the entire House. Her father is the chairperson of the Washington Coalition of Support for HR 121, and this is their website if you would like more information. More specifically, they are asking people to write a letter to their Congressman to support the resoultion, and there is a standard formate available on the site. So if you feel compelled, I'm sure they would appreciate your support.

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Anonymous said...

BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / No hard evidence of coercion in recruitment of comfort women

BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Comfort station originated in govt-regulated 'civilian prostitution'

BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Kono's statement on 'comfort women' created misunderstanding