Thursday, April 26, 2007

Face of New Currency

Going along with Sayaka's post on naming ships, I read somewhere that Korea will be issuing a 100,000 won note (this really isn't as much as it sounds, think Austin Powers when he requests a ransom of $1 million). I think this is desperately need since the largest note currently available (10,000) can barely buy you two grande frappachinnos at Starbuck's. But I think the current debate is on which famous Korean should be placed on the note. King Sejong is out since he's already on the 10,000 bill, but I heard rumors about Yi Sun Shin and some guy named Ahn (I can't remember his exact name, but it's not the soccer player). My personal vote would be for Jeon Ji Hyun, the actress, but if not, maybe Park Jung Hee?

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Grace said...

Haha, my vote goes to Jang Dong Gun. The recent promo picture of him for his upcoming Hollywood movie would look nicely on the new bill. ^_~

However, it would be quite a change for Korea to finally have a female face on the bill rather than a male. In that case, Jeon Ji Hyun would be a cute addition!