Saturday, April 14, 2007

KN misses deadline

North Korea has missed the deadline for shutting down Yongbyon and allowing UN inspectors back in.

It is unclear exactly where the hold up is, except to say that the North is holding to its line that it will make progress when the funds issued resolution becomes a reality, and the US continues to say that North Korea is free to takes its money now.

In an uncharacteristic show of common front with the rest of the Six Parties, South Korea has refused to ship the 50,000 tons of HFO. Although, in my cynical mind I see some poor South Korean tanker captain waiting with his ship out in the Sea of Japan just south of the NLL, unable to return to port in the event that the North does make the slightest step of progress, so that the ROK government can deliver the fuel instantaneously.

Ah well. Maybe we'll see some action after the celebrations over the next two weeks (KIS birthday and KWP anniversary). From open source images of the parade practices, it looks to be quite a show!

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Sean said...

While it is certainly disappointing to see the deadline come and go, I am encouraged by South Korea's reaction. I think it's crucial that South Korea, U.S., and others show a united front in their negotiations with Korea. North Korea has already shown that it can play nations against one another (like USSR and China), and for a while, it looked like South Korea and the U.S. were heading down that path. Of course, that could still end up being the case, but this, if nothing else, is a good sign of solidarity.