Thursday, April 26, 2007

DPRK International Relations

In light of our discussions last night about fears of the DPRK spreading its nuclear technology abroad, this (the topic of which I first saw at work, at Jane's, and I'll include a bit of their analysis of it, though I can't link that, since it's a subscription service) demonstrates that it definitely is a concern given who North Korea sometimes associates with.

It's also interesting that the US is not the only state accusing North Korea of terrorist tactics against states, given that the break between Myanmar and North Korea occurred over a bombing that the junta in Myanmar blames on North Korean troops.

Jane's article reports that there is speculation that Myanmar is moving towards creating a clandestine nuclear program, but that such claims are unverified. The conclusion is that there is unlikely to be a significant threat of nuclear proliferation from Myanmar, given that they basically cannot afford it, but the fact that the two may develop strong military ties in the near future remains a concern.

In general, ties between these two states, which are perhaps the most secretive and militarized in the world, could be a kind of reaction to the pressure faced from other states who demand more transparency and less military control in both governments. Though it is hard to see how relations between the two could significantly improve either state's situation, given a lack of economic strength on both sides, it does show who out there North Korea can have relations with, as well as Myanmar.

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