Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bad Terms both with North and South Koreas

North Korea did not like the Japanese government's revision of history textbooks, either.
NKorea blasts Japan for distorting history in wake of textbook revisions IHT, April 3

The Ministeral talks between South Korea and Japan also confirmed that there is a big rift between the two. (4th LD) S. Korea, Japan hold ministerial talks amid tension over history row Yonhap, March 31, and Long Way to Go: Foreign Ministers Reconfirm Seoul-Tokyo Distance Korea Times, April 2

And there seems to be an increasing domestic pressure on Korean politicians to take more hawkish stance towards Japan on this issue. Politicians criticized for lukewarm attitude toward Japan's history distortion, Yonhap, April 5. This article interestingly highlights the shift of focus among Korean politicians who used to fan anti-Japanese sentiment but now neglect the issue.

"In the past, South Korean politicians took the initiative in fanning anti-Japanese sentiment: They visited the Japanese Embassy in protest, adopted a resolution condemning Tokyo’s controversial moves and released a list of names of hundreds of Koreans who collaborated with colonial Japan..."I admit that we've been neglecting the issue," said an aid to Rep. Jeon Yeo-ok, a conservative voice in the GNP who is the author of the book “There is no Japan." The presidential election is the priority."

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