Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy 75th, Korean People's Army!

Stratfor has an article on the parade today with some pictures, but the link doesn't work since the content is hidden in the premium section. The workaround is to Google the phrase "KPA 75 anniversary" and click on the link to the Stratfor article from there. For some reason Google has a premium pass and is able to cache the article. I am completely confused by the technical aspects, but for some reason the link only works through the google search. (if you're curious link is

Missiles, missiles, everywhere, but not an American to blow up.

The second image in the set of three on the Stratfor page is of Kim Il Sung Square, and Kim Jong il may have been within 500 meters of the camera man to his left in the grandstand. For more ground photos of Pyongyang check this out.

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