Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feeling Lucky

I remember that we wondered if the FTA was really a good deal for South Korea, but apprently some Korean people are very happy about it.

Good Luck for South Korea, Bad Luck for Japan

The article says that first of all Koreans should thank Mao Zedong for slowing the economic development by launching the Cultural Revolution in China. And then it continues that South Korea is lucky with the FTA deal:
"Regrettably, Japan has no opportunity to reach an FTA with the U.S. for a considerable period, because the five-year Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that the U.S. Congress has given the Bush administration has almost expired. Japan will have to wait until the next TPA resumes. It's bad luck for Japan, which has lost its chance, but good luck for Korea, which has gotten a head start."

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